José Alves da Silva

José Alves da Silva is a 3D character artist and illustrator.

He has a degree in Architecture and co-founded the 3D visualization company Pura Imagem in 1996. Since 2009, after winning CGSociety's XXIV Challenge First Prize Master Award, he has been exclusively dedicated to Characters, working as a freelancer.

He has developed characters for the fields of advertising, games and film. Most recently he has also been dedicated to creating collectible figures and model kits for Quantum Mechanix, Makerbot, DeepSea Artworks and Industria Mechanika. His work and tutorials have been published in several books and magazines, such as Exposé, Exótique, Digital Art Masters, d'Artiste, 3DArtist, 3DWorld, ImagineFX, etc.


Eddie is Margo's dog created for the Margo movie project by Bold Machines - the Innovation Workshop of Stratasys. José designed the concept, created the 3D model and prepared it for 3D printing in PLA Desktop printers. More images from this project are below.

Barrio Guy

The Barrio guy was my first experience with 3D printing. After having created the model for a 3D illustration, I was contacted by Rob Steiner who was interested in turning the character into a 3D collectible.The model was adapted and then 3D printed at Ownage in HongKong. The character is available as a resin model kit at Industria Mechanika at several scales (

Sasha - Welder Girl

Sasha was another project for Rob Steiner. This time the character was designed from scratch to be 3D printed. Once again Ownage did a fabulous job with the printing. We worked with Michael Fichtenmayer from Industria Mechanika to make it available as a resin kit. It's been great to see how many people have customized their own Sashas. In the photos there is one beautiful version painted by David Woods.


Chomp Troopers

The Chompbot Troopers models were created for Industria Mechanika. Having the opportunity to turn into 3D the concepts by the talented Jake Parker was a blast. They are available at Industria Mechanika's website as 50mm scale resin kits.


Margo was the beginning of a creative adventure for Makerbot and the Innovation Workshop Bold Machines. I had the opportunity to create the concept from scratch and develop it to the final 3D printable model.

The model had to be printable in PLA desktop printers, meaning that support during printing had to be taken into account. In the images you can see the assembly scheme with all its pieces. I printed my model on a Makerbot Replicator 2.

For more information on this project please check the Bold Machines blog:

Mr Walthersnap

Mr. Walthersnap is the villain from the set of characters created for the Bold Machines project.

As Margo, he also had to be designed to be printed with PLA desktop printers. In the last photo you can see Bre Pettis, Makerbot co-founder holding a painted version of Mr.Walthersnap printed with the Makerbot Replicator Z18.

More characters will be released in the future.


3D Total Award

This armadillo sculpture was created as a trophy for 3D Total website.3D printed and then cast as a resin model.

Its Art Award

Award designed for It's Art website. This award was created to be printed with the Makerbot Replicator 2 so all the elements were designed to support themselves during printing with the exception of the tip of the nose which required a temporary support. You can check the support in the last photo taken during the printing stage.


To view more of José's work, please visit his website.