Wolfgang Joensson

  Wolfgang’s forte is the creation of typical objects that stand out in spite of their sober appearance.

Wolfgang’s forte is the creation of typical objects that stand out in spite of their sober appearance.

Wolfgang Joensson is a South African born German designer and educator. After studying industrial design in Hamburg and Stuttgart and an internship in London’s prestigious Pentagram office, he was hired by Frog Design where he worked for five years.

He was then recruited as the first chairman of product design at Art Center College of Design’s European campus in Switzerland, where he worked until 1995, including an exchange term at their Pasadena campus. He has also lectured in colleges and universities in Europe, America and Asia and held a position as chairman and professor at a Swiss design school.

He opened his own design office in 1990, and today; VIEWSDESIGN is situated in Paris,France, with an affiliated office in Basel, Switzerland. Wolfgang Joensson’s design experience includes working for LG Electronics, Samsung, Kodak, Inficon and Jura, and his scope of work comprises product, brand, graphic design,packaging, interface and UX design.

Wolfgang incorporates the use of 3D Printing, making it an integral piece to the design process. 

Wolfgang was also the co-Founder and lead designer of Hommage for Men's Grooming

remote control prototype being 3D printed from the office SLS printer. SLS printers use a powder material that is hardened upon contact with the laser, and the powder surrounding the object being printed acts as a support. Powder is then brushed away leaving just a solid object. * Check out our infographic for more details on SLS printers.


" Modern 3D printing technology allows me to see much faster what my design looks like in reality. This is particularly important when you want to control the proportion to the human body. No screen image can do that satisfactorily. Now the time to presentation and the time to production can be effectively reduced, at the same time I am assured that my idea looks in reality as good as I have envisioned it in my mind and on my screen. But it is not only visual, since I can use the printed items as prototypes and test their functionality right away. It’s a powerful tool, with which I can achieve a better design quality even faster".



To see more work check out Wolfgang's website: www.viewsdesign.eu