Nick Ervinck

Nick Ervinck is a Belgium based artist who continuously blurs the lines between physical sculptures and virtual creations. Exploring the boundaries of, again very, different media he tries to spark a conversation/dialogue between reality and our own perception of it. New technologies are developing and evolving around the world and new processes of creating art involving new media and new materials are applied. As a contemporary visual artist he's actively responding to these new challenges.

                                                                                                         Agrieborz. 3d Printed Sculpture



"It's my almost compulsive way of constantly thinking/looking forward and the use of computer based designing methods that introduced me to the world of 3D-printing. Whilst exploring the depths of possibilities surrounding my work IKRAUSIM I realized the insufficient capability of classic techniques to physically give shape to my complex and ambitious designs. I discovered 3D-printing and with it all its possibilities. Suddenly works like IKRAUSIM and ESAVOBOR didn't seem so physically unachievable.

Esavobar. 3D Printed Sculpture.

Instantly I knew I didn't just want to use this new technique, I wanted to innovate (with) it. It's since always been my ambition to make my mark on sculpture with this technique and by doing so help to give 3D-printing its own place in sculpting history. AGRIEBORZ is a prime example of this ambition. I really tried to push the boundaries concerning complexity and overall detail with this sculpture. The final result may well be one of the most complex sculptures made by a 3D-printer so far".




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