Linlin & Pierre-Yves Jacques

Linlin and Pierre-Yves are young artists who met several years ago during their artistic studies, native to China and France. Linlin holds a Masters degree in Digital Creation and Pierre-Yves holds a degree in Visual 3D Production.  

Today, with shared inspiration, they sculpt their ideas. With 3D printing, their sculptures take on a new dimension. Linlin and Pierre-Yves’ yearning to mix their cultures and desires gives birth to unexpected works that are full of meaning. Their work focuses on nature, knowledge, and human feelings. They most certainly want to share with and capture their viewers, and incite introspection.  

They presented their first work of art entitled Bird Travel at the first Asian 3D design fashion in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) in June 2013, then in Tokyo (Japan) in September 2013. After a great success at the 3D PrintShows in London and Paris in November 2013, they are pleased to present their works at the New York 2014 edition.  

Since 2009, they also work on 3D printing high quality projects all over the world. Linlin and Pierre-Yves are currently working towards the creation of a jewelry line. They live close to Paris, France – close to nature, but not far from the energy and the culture of the great city.