Giles Azzaro


Have you seen your voice before?

Gilles Azzaro’s sculpture is a monumental and highly original work representing President 

Barack Obama’s voice print in 3D. The work is also interactive.


This voice print is an extract from his State Of The Union speech in Washington DC on February 12, 2013. This presidential speech was the first to mention 3D printing and praise the Fablabs, those creative hubs which, for Obama, represent the industrial future for the United States, the “Next Industrial Revolution”.


Gilles Azzaro’s seemingly impossible project was to print in 3D the invisible, to show how the indistinguishable has a shape which is unique for each one of us.

With his work, Gilles Azzaro moves into a 2.0 form of artistic creation. Behind this voice sculpture, in which the invisible becomes visible, the imagination is freed to explore new frontiers. The work reveals and explores a vision, a sound and thought: you are seeing a voice for the first time ever... while hearing what you are seeing.

This monumental voice print required 350 hours to print and in all 8 months work.

"Next Industrial Revolution" was exhibited in the USA for the first time at the 3D Printshow, a one-off event since the exhibition takes place exactly one year to the day after President Obama made his famous speech.

A work of art which has traveled the world

The sculpture has attracted attention from both the European and international media, including WIRED, the leading voice in everything Hi-tech.

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