Katon Callaway

Katon Callaway grew up playing video games which eventually cultivated his passion for 3D Modeling. He has now been working in the video games industry for 10 years, with experience on many triple A titles.  Some of his more recent credits include, God of War Ascension, God of war 3, Spiderman 3 The Movie.

Recently Katon has been very intrigued by the 3D printing which led him to work on a personal fan art project of modeling and then 3D printing  'Akuma' , a character from the popular Street Fighter Video Game series.  It was a dream come true for him to be able to hold something he had sculpted.  His most recent 3D Printing project was a print done for Sony of the Satyr character from the Video Game God of War 3. For Katon, 3D printing is the next best thing to clay!

Satyr Statue

Check more of Katon's work at his website KatonCallaway.com