John Mahoney

John graduated from Pratt Institute in NYC with a BFA in Illustration. He left New York to do a Disney animation internship in Orlando Florida. Several months later he returned to New York to work on a series of television commercials.

A few years later he moved to Los Angeles to work for Disney feature Animation as a Visual Development Artist on such films as Atlantis, Treasure Planet and Emperors New Groove. His short film created for a pitch to help sell Emperors New Groove was instrumental in getting that film green lit.

After working on ten Disney feature films John decided to pursue his passion as an independent film maker. Since then, John has produced over twenty short films and two independent features. He has directed numerous documentaries on such prominent people as Doug Chaing, designer of the new Star Wars films and Tyrus Wong, designer of Bambi. He taught such diverse classes as figure drawing, sculpture, film design, storyboards,stop motion animation, and character design in the United Stated as well as in Singapore and Taiwan.

John currently works in Los Angeles as a Concept Designer and Independent Film Maker.


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