Paul Braddock


Paul started his career in 2001 after winning a scholarship at the Sydney Silicon Graphics Centre. During this time he was also doing some freelance work on commercials as a 3D generalist. After completing his studies, Paul was offered a position at Animal Logic in 2002 working on commercials. 

Paul's role at Animal Logic ranges from visual development, concept sculpting,character design, to leading modeling teams on larger projects. Most recently, Paul was part of the modeling team for "The Lego Movie". 

In his personal time, Paul is a maker who delves in a variety of subject matter, from creatures to robots.

"3D printing has really opened up a whole new element to my art... being able to bring my digital creations into the physical world is incredibly gratifying".

Paul used an Ultimaker2 FDM 3D printer to prototype a this creature model which would then be used for casting resin pieces. 

This Iron Giant piece was printed in PLA using an Ultimaker 2. It was then treated with iron based paint and rusted with bleach and vinegar and some dry brushing.

Werewolf Chihuahua. Printed in PLA and painted with Bronze based paint, which rusts and patinas nicely.

Death Trooper Jewelry. Created by 3D Printing high resolution pieces and lost wax casting them.

Shroom Head. 3d model render and 3D Print.

Logo Creative Process. 3D Print, Mold, Cold Cast Iron.

Paul has an amazing style and variety in his jewelry work. 

To check out more of Paul's work, please take a look at his blog.