Steve Talkowski

A 20+ year veteran of the computer animation scene, Steve has worked as an animation director and character animator on hundreds of national brands ranging from BMW, Pepsi, General Mills, Target, Reese's and M&M's, to the ground-breaking feature films Joe's Apartment, Ice Age, Alien Resurrection and the 1988 Academy Award winning short, Bunny.

In 2008, Steve launched Sketchbot Studios and self-produced his first foray into the designer toy scene - the retro-styled, pencil-wielding creative robot, Sketchbot. In 2010, the Sketchbot platform served as the basis for two highly successful DIY custom shows held in NYC and LA.

Recently relocated to Los Angeles, CA, Steve is busy bringing his world of robots to life. Check out more of Steve's work here.

Traffic Bot 3D Print. Printed on a Form1 3D Printer. Printing and finishing by Robert Vignone of Mold3D.

Traffic Bot 3D Render.

If you happen to be in the Seattle area this weekend, make sure to stop by the 3D Printing World Expo where Steve will be doing a live demo.