Ola Sundberg

Ola Sundberg is a Character Artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. He has over ten years of experience from the video game industry and the online gaming industry.

In his spare time he creates creatures, characters and robots, often with 3D print in mind and for the last year he has been focusing on freelance work for the FDM desktop 3D printers with several popular models on Thingiverse.com.

He is still amazed by being able to print something and hold it in his hands only hours after sculpting it and with the 3D printers a whole new ball game arises and Ola is eager to be a part of it.

To check out more of Ola’s work, check out his website.

Full figure of Zombie Hunter.

A more worked through version of Zombie Hunter that I released on Thingiverse a year ago. Zombie Hunter has been greatly successful online and have been used by 3d-print manufacturers and filament companies on from all over the world. This version will be for sale through Shapeways soon.

Zombie hand 3D-print, painted with QuickShade. Marketing piece for the game “Zombies”. ©Net Entertainment


Brute – Printed on a Replicator 2 without support. Layer height 0.1, model height 10 cm. plain plastic. ©Net Entertainment

Robot Concept.

Big Mouth – KeyShot render. ©Net Entertainment

Alien Pilot.