Gilles-Alexandre Deschaud

Gilles-Alexandre Deschaud has been working in the VFX industry as a sculptor and animator for the past 7 years.  Throughout his career, Gilles-Alexandre has experimented with various techniques using a hybrid of 2D, 3D and puppet animation. This ambition to experiment with new styles and mediums led him to discover 3D printing.

Gilles-Alexandre's latest experiment is a 3D Printing project called 'Chase Me'.  One of the sets for this project is a model named, 'The Big Tree'.  

The Big Tree is made of 22 different parts which took about a week to print ( printed a 100 micron ). To deal with a few warping parts, Gilles-Alexandre handled it by bending them when he glued the parts together.

The entire print is about 50*40*35cm and entirely 3D printed with the exception of the ground which was sculpted in plasticine.

Additional 3D Printing work by Giles-Alexandre:

The Dancer. 3D Print

3D Print of a creature character design.


Giles has experimented with other 3D Printing technology. On this eagle sculpture he used the 3Doodler pen and created a wire effect for the wings.


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