You wouldn't download a car...or would you?


Honda's been known to feature some of the most insanely creative Concept Cars out there, and today, we've been invited to take a stab at it.

They're providing downloadable 3D models for a handful of Concept Car designs online for free! 

Just visit to get started!


We now have access to concepts like the 1994 FSR Concept, what was then a state-of-the-art smart car focused on passenger safety, and the 2013 NSX Concept, a monster of a performance vehicle supported by what Honda is calling Sport-Hybrid Super Handling (SH-AWD) all wheel drive technology. 

Honda's asking the art and design communities to give them a little taste of personal vision and share them with the world!


This is a great opportunity for artists and drafters alike to diversify their portfolios and show everyone just how expansive the world of 3D modeling is.

Admit it, you want a print of your reimaged 2015 super-car sitting in the light box next to your latest Maquette at that expo you have coming up. 

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