HP finally unveils it's 3D Printer!

After months of anticipation, HP finally announces their upcoming 3D Printer and it promises to be a game changer! The specs on this machine will hopefully address some of the current problems with today's 3D printers.

Perhaps the biggest problem is how long it takes to produce a printed object. While still quick compared to traditional manufacturing solutions, 3D Printing something as small as a 5 inch tall object can take anywhere from 5-12 hours. 

HP promises to fix this problem and on top of the speed improvements the new printer also boats multi-material and multi-color capabilities. Lastly, detail will also be improved which is another major complaint of current 3D printers, especially consumer machines which usually produce coarse surfaces.

source: cnet.com

It's safe to assume this won't be a future purchase for your personal maker space but HP will most likely also address the consumer/ pro-sumer market with smaller, more personal printers as well.

Time will tell how fast things change but it's apparent that the future is bright for designers. I for one cannot wait to see what new opportunities these new technologies bring to our industry!