Video Tutorial: How to model your own Mold3D keychain in ZBrush

In this tutorial we will cover how to model your very own Mold3D logo keychain. You can download the needed PSD file HERE and if you want to just skip ahead to the 3D printing, you can download the STL file HERE. Thanks for watching and please share your Mold3D keychain photos with us on Facebook and/or Twitter! Any questions of comments, leave them below!

Don't have a 3D printer yet? We got you covered! You can always pick up a keychain at our Shapeways Store in a plethora of materials and colors.

Edit: I have made a slight tweak to the downloadable files to allow a little more room for the keychain loop part. Those changes are represented in the latest PSD and STL downloads above.


Note: If at any time you are using the deformation -Polish By Feature and it is only partially cleaning up the edge, clear your mask and it should work perfectly.