If Only The Kids Could Make Their Own Toys...

Early Christmas morning...

You wake up to the sound of a light pattering down the old staircase.

Oh! It's just Little Susie rushing downstairs to see what Santa left under the tree this year. She's been waiting on her new photopolymer resin for weeks and it's finally here!

What will she make first? A new furniture set for her doll house?

Maybe even her own Pokeball :)

source: http://cubify.com/index.aspx

source: http://cubify.com/index.aspx

This could become reality if 3D Systems has anything to do with it!  

The recent announcement of their partnership with Hasbro has folks from all over the maker community watching. 

Who knows, maybe putting affordable 3D printers in the homes and hands of children is exactly what the industry needs. We all know how rapidly video-game development has snowballed in the past decade.

We're definitely hopeful!

Check out The Guardian's (write-up) for a bit more on the 3D Toy industry as of late!