Disney's latest short film uses 3D printing technology

Disney's has recently released a new short film 'Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story' , featuring  two characters from the recognizable unpainted Vinylmation toy line.  Blank is a 38 minute stop-motion adventure and love story that took over a year to make.  

The production was small and used various techniques to produce the short, including 3D Printing technology. The various props you see in the film including the trains and bridges were created using a Makerbot Replicator 2.


"MakerBot was super cool because we were able to get the trains printed for us in three different sizes, and then our guys went to work decorating them and painted them to look exactly how we wanted," the movie's producer Matt Wyatt said. "What that allowed us to do was interchange those trains seamlessly from one shot to another. When you're working withstop-motion, you change the scale depending on the scope of the shot, so our different sized MakerBot printed trains allowed us to do that easily."

source: Disney blog