"Don't be bored, make something."

The White House has announced its first ever Maker Faire! 

Maker Faire (Date TBD, 2014) will be an event for people young and old to show the world just how imaginative every day people can be when provided the tools to bring their imaginations to life!

With such an explosion in the industry recently, there will undoubtedly be a presence of the 3D printing community at the faire, and hopefully no shortage of talented artists. I can't wait to see what comes out!

This is such an exciting opportunity for artists to bring their groundbreaking work to a national forum, and push the bounds of your creativity.

While we're all waiting on the details, shoot a tweet of your newest projects to the White House at #IMadeThis or an email to maker@ostp.gov - As if they don't already know what you're up to :)

Even if you're just getting started with printing, check out some online tutorials like our lesson on Character Keys and submit your progress photos to the White House and Mold3D Both! 

So, are you a Maker?

source: http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2014/02/03/announcing-first-white-house-maker-faire