Super-Size Your Models with the BigRep One!

Let's face it, size matters. - How useful is a 1:8 scale coffee table?

The gargantuan BigRep One has gotten a lot of coverage the past few weeks, and for good reason.

The folks at BigRep are "closing the gap between model size and industrial printers," resulting in a FFF printer with a 1.3 cubic meter build space. 

Imagine the effects on iteration! Being able to quickly produce larger scale models (furniture size) at filament prices. 

Conveniently based out of Berlin, the team had the opportunity to exhibit the mammoth printer at Inside 3D Printing Berlin (hit that google translate) this week. 

Rachel Park of 3D Printing Industry even took the opportunity to bang her knee on the full scale printer. 

As companies like BigRep continue to drive down the cost of large scale printing, we're looking forward to seeing the applications for artists in the Visual Effects industry. 


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