New SLA 3D Printer Kickstarter Campaign


2014 marks an exciting time where we are starting to see more SLA printers hitting the market. One of the most recent and promising offerings is the Kudo3D Titan 1.

The Titan 1 is currently being offered only through Kickstarter with a strong start, meeting its funding goals in only 2 minutes!

Innovative Improvements

The Titan uses the stereolithography (SLA) process to print and features a patent-pending passive self-peeling (PSP) technology, which minimizes the separation force of cured layers.

Kudo3D promises a printer that is has better resolution, speed and size than its competitors. 

The introduction of printers such as the Titan 1 means more variety and options for artists and designers interested in 3D Printing. The Titan 1 is a welcome addition and we look forward to checking it out once it's available later this year.  

If you are interested in reserving your printer now at a reduced price, the Titan 1 is currently available on Kickstarter. Go check out and support the campaign here: link