Mold3D pays a visit to Netflix offices

Now listen, we don’t normally take house calls, but when the folks at Netflix - Los Angeles told us they needed some guidance with their new FormLabs Form1… well, how could you not?  

The office asked us to give a presentation on 3D Printing and get their brand new Form1 up and making for a quick demo.

We began by digitally crafting the iconic Netflix logo using 3D modeling software and printing it out with a Form1. 

In order to demonstrate the before and after we printed a second and ran it through the gambit of post finishing processes (mostly sanding and painting, but with really cool red acrylic paint!)

This isn’t Netflix’s first foray into the world of 3D Printing. The company recently acquired the rights to the documentary, “Print the Legend.”It mainly focuses on the rise of the game changing companies Makerbot and Formlabs, and the challenges they face on their journey to world domination! (Or at least bringing affordable 3D Printing technology into your home.)

The Maker space ready for action, with a few new additions!

The film was directed, shot and edited by Luis Lopez of “The King of Kong,” and Clay Tweel of “Make Believe,” and produced by Steven Klein.

“Print the Legend” will premiere on Netflix later this year - so you’ll have no excuse to miss it!