3D Printing Artists Group reaches over 2000 members!

3d printing artists

Last summer, Mold3D launched a Facebook group and last week it officially reached over 2000 members!  A small milestone that is cause for celebration since it indicates a growing interest of 3D Printing among artists. 

If you visit the group you will quickly notice the wide variety of work being shared, and how generous members are with giving out information, tips and advice. 

Group member Fabio Bautista shows his before/after 3D model and Print. Fabio is a Colombia based 3D modeling artist.

A pleasant surprise is also how diverse the group is, with members from all parts of the globe representing. 

Another common theme is the hunger to learn a new craft. 3D Printing is not as simple as pressing the print button, yet the members are not afraid to experiment  for the sake of creating some very cool artwork and best of all, sharing their tips along the way.

You can't help feel that the group is composed of pioneers that will be among the first to show the world how far 3D Printing can be pushed. We couldn't be more proud and flattered that so many people are 'hanging' out with us and look forward to see where it all goes. 

Member Paul Braddock shares some very impressive FDM work. Paul is an Australian 3D artist who works in the VFX industry.