Announcing the Mold3D Shop!


The future of quality design distribution is finally here! We are proud to announce the launch of our new online store, 'Mold3D Shop'. Featuring curated and exclusive 3D Printable designs from some of the most talented designers working in the entertainment design industry today!

Character designer David Colman is bringing his unique collection of appealing animal designs to the shop.

No more Yoda Heads.

Okay I know what you might be thinking. Do we really need another 3D Printing repository!?

The thing is, as fans of 3D Printing, we weren't completely satisfied with the current options out there. There hasn’t been a central ‘hub’ we could find to grab specific content from a lot of our favorite artists and friends. 

Our background is in the entertainment art field, an industry with some of the best designers in the world. So why aren't we seeing more of their work in 3D Printing?

The dirty little secret is, 3D Printing is hard!

Not only do you need to master 3D Modeling, but learning how to properly prep a 3D model for optimal printing is an art form in itself. This kinda limits who is producing the content. 

Some of the best designers out there are 2D conceptual artists and illustrators who might not know how to model in 3D at all! As a result, we are definitely missing out on the potential of many great pieces of art.

MOL3D Shop Featured Artist Brett Bean's original artwork.

MOL3D Shop Featured Artist Brett Bean's original artwork.

Discover New Talent

Don’t get us wrong, there’s plenty of downloadable art out there from major online marketplaces. But what about the quality control?... and honestly, scrolling through pages and pages of random content isn’t really our style. We’re geeks, nerds, and admirers of awesome art! So we decided to fix it.

Concept and toy designer Steve talkowski's signature bot design is in development.

Mold3D Shop is our answer. 

Oh by the way, you guys aren't going to see Star wars or Marvel products here. We love these brands as much as the next geek but our goal is to promote original artwork. So we are teaming up with artists producing their own work with backgrounds in the toy, comic book, animation and VFX industries.

We aim to produce fun and appealing products that encourage more artists to experiment with 3D Printing. More people printing equals higher printer sales, which in turn helps create an environment where designers can make a healthy living from their 3D Printing designs. That's a future I'm sure all of us can root for!

We want your feedback.

Is there a particular designer you'd like to suggest? What about a type of product or theme you want to see produced for 3D printing?

This is your shop - please don't hesitate to voice your opinion! We don't take our audience for granted, and we want to make this the best experience possible. Help us produce the type of content you'd like to see by sending us your suggestions and feedback to:

Please make sure to check out the store and help support the artists by purchasing a design. They all work as partners and benefit directly from each sale. Thank you for your support and Happy Printing!

- The Mold3D Team