VR platform coming to Google

Those who say VR is a fad forgot to tell Google the news. Today tech giant Google is added to the list of high profile companies like Facebook, Amazon,  Apple (rumored), and Samsung who have jumped on the VR bandwagon.

In a I/O keynote today, Google announced Daydream,  it's Android-based virtual reality platform for Youtube.


Additionally, Google is also debuting a new headset and wireless motion controller. The controller promises to give users the ability to explore inside 3D worlds. Whether this is similar to the tracking and functionality only found in high end VR platforms like HTC Vive, only time will tell. 

Even so, just adding some interactivity to a mobile platform could be a game changer and help bring VR closer to the mainstream. 

Daydream seems primed to help VR developers jump on board quickly. For example, today it was also announced that there is support for Unreal Engine 4.  This will allow developers with UE4 experience  to jump in and start creating for the new platform.


The future looks bright for VR and we'll be following this exciting emerging technology closely. Looking forward to some amazing content coming our way later this year! 

What do you guys think of the VR craze and Google's entry into the market? We'd love to hear your comments below.