Pixologic announces ZBrush Core

Pixologic has recently announced a streamlined version of ZBrush dubbed, 'ZBrush Core'.  As mentioned on ZBrush Central website ZBrush Core is " ..designed for all artists and enthusiasts of both traditional and digital art. At its heart, ZBrushCore functions the same as ZBrush. Every skill and technique learned and applied in ZBrushCore will carry over seamlessly to ZBrush".

Not much else in terms of details, so we can only speculate this might be a stripped down version of the popular ZBrush software. We've seen this trend with other software such as Maya LT and Modo Indie. Or this could be something completely different, maybe a 2D-ish version of ZBrush?

Whatever the case may be, count us as intrigued! Looking forward to hearing more at the ZBrush Summitt where ZBrush Core will be officially announced.