Fungisaurs, A New Twist On Collectible Toys

blog post | December 6, 2017 | by Cassidy Dwelis

The “Fungisaurs” are adorable Dinosaur-Mushroom hybrids that have escaped and are being spotted all over the world.

Mold3D 3D Printing for ZBrush Artists instructor Aiman Akhtar and wife Hwa Kim (Art Director), the creators of the Fungisaurs, are excited to spread their love for travel across the world and inspire young learners! The Kickstarter itself focuses on funding the Fungisaurs Mystery Box Collectible Toys. Each box comes with a randomly chosen Fungisaur, and the toys are also paired with an AR (Augmented Reality) application.

With the help of a small team, Aiman and Hwa have designed the Fungisaurs from the ground up. Starting with their initial sketch, the idea traveled to the Form 2 3D printer, and then was painted.

As Aiman explains it, “The idea of Fungisaurs was born in 2015, when my wife Hwa and I were driving back to LA from a camping trip near Yosemite National Park. We stopped at an In-N-Out Burger and were given some prehistoric adventure themed dinosaur stickers. Having these dinosaur stickers adjacent to a mushroom identification catalog I had picked up earlier at the park, led to some furious drawing in my sketchbook of what I imagined various dinosaur-mushroom hybrid species could look like.”

With your help, these toys are on their way to inspire exploration and a love of nature and science in both collectors and learners alike. On top of that, Aiman and Hwa have goals of bringing the Fungisaurs to the Silver Screen! The eventual goal would be to debut Fungisaurs as an animated television show that visits cultures all over the world and shows viewers the magic of scientific discovery! See the Fungisaurs’ animated origin story below:

If you love science and you love dinosaurs, head over to their Kickstarter! Along with sweet perks and the Fungisaurs Mystery Box itself, the rewards are too cute to pass up!