Sportswear Fabrics Help Designers Create Realistic Textures.

Image source:  link

Image source: link

Allegorithmic, makers of texturing software Substance Painter and Designer are on the quest to provide artists with the tools they need to add convincing details to their 3D model work.

Their latest offering is a collection of sportswear fabric textiles that are physically based, high resolution and tweak-able assets for texturing.

Scanned from real fabrics, Allegorithmic combined the resulting textures with realistic materials that display the physical behavior of the material, such as the reflective properties. Users are also able to customize the material by changing color, amount of reflection, finish and overlay patterns.

You can currently download 9 textures of the hybrid sportswear textiles for free on Substance Source, Allegorithmic's online resource library that hosts a collection of downloadable textures.

This new and exciting collection is sure to be a welcome addition to any digital artist's toolbox!