Making a Monster Difference


We've all let our imaginations run wild when we were kids and the creations that we made meant everything to us. As kids, we didn't care about artistic techniques or aesthetics as long as we got to see our ideas on paper. Art as a career wasn't something most of us had on our minds, while some never got that extra push to bring out their latent potential. However, a group of today's artist have banded together to help young children realize the possibilities of their art through what's called the Monster Project

The Monster Project's goal is to show children where art can take them as a career, while also exposing them to an array of creative processes that would later help shape their future. Up to 130 elementary students and 130 professional artist have been pairing up yearly in a project that benefits both parties. Having the artist transform the child's own art, they get to see their own creation develop into something that they can aspire to and realize that their own ideas can have an impact on others. The artist also get a chance to relive their childhood and see what was lost since our creative minds have matured.

Here are a few examples from last year :



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