Go from Virtual to Reality


Are you looking for a simple and fun way to explore the virtual world and 3D print what you create? Brought to you by Sixense Entertainment and Vive, MakeVR puts you in an immersive, virtual world where everything you make will be 'water tight' ready for 3D printing!

MakeVR is supported by the the CAD engine and can export models to .sab, .stl, and .obj, which allows you bring your models into other modeling tools and game engines. With the integration with Shapeways, MakeVR can also upload your models to your Shapeways account and be readily available for preview with various options of material, color and pricing options.

Check out the full interview with Vive and Steve Hansted from Sixense who discuss more about MakeVR, which is now available on the Viveport!

Source: Vive