Real time facial projection mapping at 1000 fps!


In a collaboration with TOKYO, Ishikawa Watanabe Labratory and the dancing duo AyaBambi, WOW studio brings to you INORI-Prayer-, a short demonstrating their work on real time tracking and face projection mapping.

Inspired by the theme of "Life" and accompanied with music, choreography and visual effects to match, brings a powerful performance from AyaBambi that is a must watch.

Though this type of projection has already been done in the past, this visual experiment was done to manifest new ways to improve the pace and precision of such techniques.  Using DynaFlash, a projector running at 1000 fps, and months of technical improvements to bring 2D tracking down to less than 10 milliseconds delay, allows their new face mapping system to follow this intense performance.

Here's the Making Of Video that highlights the technical needs and artistic performances.


Source: WOW