Making your own drones is now easier and affordable


3D printing has become so widely available to the public that the only limitation is your imagination and what you apply it to. For those that are passionate or interested in having their own drones, 3D printing became the solution.

Drones can have multiple purposes from aerial photography, providing military support, helping farmers spray their crops with fertilizers and even entering the sports scene in drone racing. Whatever the use may be, drones are becoming the new thing to have along with your 3D printer. 

Some benefits of using a 3D printer as opposed to store bought are: personal customization, easy to upgrade where you see fit, improved performance based on material choice and of course, being able to print out any hard to find parts that you need.

Though it may sound simple to just 3D print something, you'd also have to do a bit of research in finding what parts you can 3D print or where you can make some substitutions. A few examples of what you can print are: a frame, landing gear, propellers, camera mount, antenna holder and protective equipment. 

All it takes is a bit of research and imagination to have your own drone! Look out for our upcoming video tutorial on how to create your own 3D printed drone. 


Source: MSN