Esports Coming to the 2022 Asian Games


Electronic Sports (Esports) has always been there with any game that can be played competitively. Games like League of Legends, StarCraft, Counter Strike and many others have sparked an influx of tournaments and events around the world. Esports has evolved the gaming scene where sponsored teams compete for bragging rights and ultimately the cash prize.

Honoring the development and popularity of esports, the Olympic Council of Asia announced that they will be introducing esports to the 2022 Asian Games in China. It will first appear as a demonstration event in the next Asian Games in 2018, hosted by Indonesia. So far, FIFA 2017 has been confirmed to appear with other games such as League of Legends, Dota 2 and StarCraft II waiting for approval. 

Though this may not mean esports will be a full Olympic event, this may be the gateway leading up to it.

Source: Olympic Council of Asia