New ways to 3D print straight from VR


Most designers who use 3D Printing for prototyping must undergo a process that looks like this: Design, 3D Model and 3D Print. A process that has undoubtedly given autonomy to the individual over a traditional manufacturing pipeline. However, 3D Printing can still be slow and expensive, so how do you improve this process?

One novel solution is by incorporating technologies like AR and VR into the mix. This speeds up the workflow because it enables evaluation of a 3D object in what appears to be physical space, allowing the flexibility to make quick changes before going to print. Even simulations can be performed in these virtual environments, saving time and money.

With the influx of VR headsets hitting the market and platforms like MakeVR and Oculus Medium, designers can intuitively pick up on this new workflow.

This process can also be carried into the industrial market, where high end 3D printers can manufacture parts such as engines and rocket parts. Engineers are able to make changes when necessary in VR/AR without going to 3D Print prematurely.

VR-CAD designing and 3D printing is now becoming one of the easiest method of visualizing, adjusting and prototyping your projects in one go.


Source: Machine Design