Texture Contest reveals Artist Ingenuity

Art, 3D | June 2, 2017 | By Niko Berry

With all of the entrants from across the planet, received, judged and ranked, Meet MAT - Allegorithmic software’s latest 3D painting contest - just finished and the winners are damn impressive.

 The rules were simple. Everybody was given a blank canvas in the form of MAT, Allegorithmic’s new art mascot. Then, Allegorithmic’s community went wild using their texturing software, Substance Painter, to bring over a thousand different interpretations to the same model.

Source:  Allegorithmic

If you have even a passing interest in 3D art, the results are worth checking out just to see how powerful different texture tricks can be in radically transforming even a simple model. One of our favorites is Liu Zinan’s entry, Antique MAT - an ornate, intricate piece featuring only assets included in or created with Substance Painter.


Many of the winners feature hand painted textures that must have taken a crazy number of hours to make. Props go to Ernesto Ordoñez for his entry MATCHOL - a tribute to the beaded artwork of the Wixáritari or Huicholes of Western Mexico. Ernesto mentions that he ended up having to paint each of the beads by hand and that’s some crazy dedication.


As a software maker that loves to see their tools get used, this isn’t the first contest Allegorithmic, but it was definitiely, as CEO Sébastien Deguy put it, “our most successful to date.” With over the 1200 entrants, many of fantastic quality, the results were very impressive. Quoting Sébastien again,the Allegorithmic community made such entries that were “at a quality level that was such that we had to rethink our rules and offer more gifts to participants.”


Check out more images of from the winners of the contest here and, if this is the kind of thing you would want to participate in, keep track of upcoming contests in the Allegorithmic community.

If you want to learn how to texture using Allegorithmic products, make sure to check out our upcoming Substance Painter and Substance Designer online classes. Registration opens Sunday, June 4th, 2017.