The 1st Full Trailer for Ready Player One is Finally Here!

blog post| July 24, 2017 | by Niko Berry


I want to take a moment to talk about giant scorpions with guns attached to their stingers. They’ve been in a couple of things like Wasteland and Warhammer 40k, but I don’t feel they get nearly enough credit for being the most awesome conceivable combination of animal and gun apart from maybe a bazooka that shoots sharks. I bring this up because Ready Player One just dropped a trailer at Comic Con this weekend and it features a gun-toting scorpion and that just deserves some attention.

There’s more reasons to be interested in ready player one than just its impeccable gunnimal tastes. The closest point of comparison I can draw to Ready Player One is like some kind of dystopian Wreck-It-Ralph. Both of them are video game movies not in the sense that they’re an adaptation of a single video game (thank god), but that they are about video games. They use the world and rules of video games as a jumping off point for telling stories.


That’s exactly what Ready Player One is going for. Set in a future ravaged by overpopulation and income inequality, the protagonists of Ready Player One live in Oasis, a Matrix by-way-of Second Life with a little bit of Summer Wars mixed in. Oasis is exactly what you would expect, a mashup of every bit of pop culture and gaming trend of the past 30+ years - because in the realm of the virtual, nerds are king. There’s a treasure hunt plot ripped right from the goonies in there too, but I’ll be honest, I’m here for the top notch imagery. Everything that gets us to that is an excuse.


The funny thing about me getting hype for this movie is, I actually didn’t really like the book - at all, really. This is going to sound strange, but I’m convinced Ready Player One will be a good or - at least - fun movie because of all the things that made me not like the book. The book’s plot was thin and didn’t really carry for the hundreds of pages in a novel but had the perfect amount of meat for a feature length movie. Same with the characters; not enough there to make for a good book, but good enough to hold together an action film. Most of all, the imagery just begged for a pass from a talented VFX studio. While the author may not have been too good about actually describing the scenes in the book, what he was describing seemed like it would look awesome if it were ever put on screen. In that way, Ready Player One getting a movie makes me a lot happier than something that clearly was never meant for film getting a bad adaptation - see, every other video game movie ever.

Spielberg is also on board and that is definitely working in its favor. At the very least, I feel confident saying that Ready Player One will not be the worst retro game infused action movie ever to be made. We already have Pixels for that.