ZBrush 2018 is Here!


After a much anticipated wait, ZBrush 2018 is finally here! ZBrush has added in loads of new, exciting features that have 3D sculptors dying to get their hands on the latest version. Here are all of the cool goodies ZBrush 2018 has to offer.

Sculptris Pro Mode:


Hate subdivision levels? You're in luck because ZBrush 2018 comes with a new feature called Sculptris Pro Mode, which allows sculptors to do what ZBrush is meant for: sculpting. You no longer have to worry about polygon distribution when sculpting on your 3D object. Scultpris, through a process called Tessimation, will handle all of that for you.

This means that you can sculpt instantaneously and get what’s in your head onto the screen with little time and effort. Now, ZBrush users can import any model without having to first retopologize or DynaMesh the model. Additionally, as if Sculptris could not get any better, 3D printers can edit models that have already been optimized for print.

This feature is compatible with the majority of ZBrush’s existing sculpting tools.


ZBrush 4R8 introduced Gizmo 3D which allows sculptors to use deformers. With ZBrush 2018, 27 new deformers have been added and allow for quick alterations to meshes that would not be possible through brush strokes. The new Project Primitive deformer can reshape meshes, cut surfaces, build up from other meshes, and more. These deformers allow you to turn a sphere into, say, a race car, with little to no effort.

PolyGroup It:

Wish grouping polys was easier and more intuitive? Now it is. With PolyGroup It, ZBrush accurately evaluates the surface of your model real-time and generates intelligent groups for you to work with. Using the PolyPaint feature, you can have intimate control over what you groups look like. You can also copy and paste, add and delete, grow or shrink, and create PolyGroups symmetrically.

Of course, the upgrade to ZBrush 2018 is free for all currently registered ZBrush users and the update went live on Wednesday, March 28th, 2018. As a 3D artist, I’m excited to sculpt freely in intuitive 3D software and create sculpts that are not only beautiful, but whose polys are easy to manage. If you don’t have a ZBrush License yet, a single user license will cost $795 for three weeks before the full price jumps to $895, so get it while the discount is available!

The full list of upgrades and features can be seen on the ZBrush Features Page: Link