ZBrush 2019 is Here!

blog post | March 29th, 2019 | by Cassidy Dwelis


After a much anticipated wait, ZBrush 2019 is finally here! ZBrush has added in loads of new, exciting features that have 3D sculptors dying to get their hands on the latest version. Here are all of the cool goodies ZBrush 2019 has to offer

Non-Photorealistic Rendering:

If you are a digital artist that loves the look of 2D illustrations but hates drawing, this feature is for you. Zbrush 2019 now allows you to add textures when you render, as well as add outlines and render your 3D models flat.

Snapshot 3D:

Snapshot 3D is an upgrade to Snapshot v1.0 and includes all of the original features. It makes it possible to convert any greyscale image into a 3D model. After the image has been converted, you can modify it using addition or subtraction tools to add complexity. This feature is incredibly useful when adding details onto hard surface models and creating sculptures from scratch.

ZRemesher v3.0:

Everyone loves ZRemesher, and it’s even better in 2019. New ZRemesher can maintain creases, detect sharp surface angles, and maintain the crispness of hard surface models. This is perfect for any kind of mechanical creation and technical models. ZRemesher v3.0 also is much smarter about poly count, which means that you have to Dynamesh less and can work more.


ZBrush now has a folder system! Now you can be super efficient and organized by placing different meshes in folders. This is more than just a folder system, as you can now apply actions to all meshes contained in a single folder. Move, Scale, Rotate, Duplicate, Delete, Hide/Show PolyPaint, Live Boolean, and more.

Universal Camera:

Using ZBrush’s new camera, you can now match the focal length of imported photos and 3D, as well as export the camera settings for use in any 3D program. This has limitless possibility, allowing for composited illustrations and much more. When using this feature, you’ll be able to control Focal Length, Crop Factor and more. Undo and redo camera movements so you’ll have the perfect camera shot every time.

Intersection Mask:

Make masks from where one piece of geometry touches another.


This plugin comes with several colors and ZColor files can be shared with others when working on large group projects.

With all of these new tools, your digital sculptures will stun like never before. Not only are there improvements in the pipeline as well, but also many artistic features that bring digital sculpting into the realm of traditional illustration and fine art. Let your creativity free with these new features and bring the efficiency of your work to an all time high with ZBrush 2019!

The full list of upgrades and features can be seen on the ZBrush Features Page: Link