How to design your own robot character for 3D Printing.

Mold3D has teamed up with Pinshape to offer our first online contest! Check out the contest details here: link

Robot Design Video Tutorial

We thought it would be cool to have this be a learning opportunity as well, so we asked designer Andres Parada to help produce a tutorial for the contestants. In this 2 part tutorial, Andres will go over various techniques he uses to approach design, in this case a robot character. 

Andres Parada is a professional industrial designer and concept artist, as well as an instructor for the upcoming  Design Sketching class for Mold3D Academy.



Enrollment for Andres Parada's Design Sketching class is now open! Learn how to build confidence in their sketch work by learning drawing foundations, as well as practical tips and tricks applicable to traditional and digital methods.