Mold3D and Pinshape Launch 3D Printable Robot Design Contest

Robot design by Andres Parada. 3D model and illustration by Mold3D.

Pinshape, the 3D printing community and marketplace, has teamed up with Mold3D to host a galactic robot design contest. Designers are invited to create body parts for a friendly robot species, MakerTron, who needs humanity’s help to rebuild their destroyed population.  Winners take home $3800+ in cool 3D printing prizes sponsored by XYZprinting, Pixologic™, Wacom and Mold3D Academy.


The contest runs until October 15, 2015, and open to 3D designers all over the world. Designers can submit MakerTron heads, arms, and legs to the community-driven, modular toy originally created by the team at Mold3D.

Winners of the contest will receive their share of some pretty awesome prizes, which include 2 different 3D printers from XYZ Printing, a license of ZBrush® from Pixologic™, a design tablet from Wacom and a 3D design course from Mold3D Academy, in addition to the coverage they’ll get on Pinshape’s blog and social media channels.

“We’re really excited to see how the community feeds off each other in helping the MakerTron species come back to life. It’s a fun backstory and an interesting challenge for designers from both a creative and technical standpoint,” says Pinshape CEO, Lucas Matheson. “We all know how important community interaction has been in the rise of 3D printing, and this is a great opportunity to put that power towards something fun that everyone can take part in.”

Head on over to the Pinshape website for more information and to enter the contest today!