Tips and Tricks: Cleaning out your resin tank.

In this video we will go over some techniques used for removing resin from an old resin tank while preserving the left over resin. We will also cover some useful tools that can be used to help keep everything clean and dirt free!

Mold3D Printing Workshop Recap

Our first workshop has officially wrapped! It was an energetic and fun weekend of making art, meeting new friends and learning. Participating artists traveled from all over the United States for a special two day gathering in Los Angeles on April 26-27th.

Latest Maker News

3D Printed Hellboy Glove Project

Adam Savage from popular TV show 'Mythbusters' creates a prop from the movie Hellboy with help of 3D Printing.

3D Printing Artists Group reaches over 1000 members!

Our Facebook 3D Print Artist group is growing quickly. Check out the amazing work, tips and advice and join the community today!